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Your own / site

Build Your Own Site here for only $15.00 per month!

No need for a domain name as your site will be like;

https://fitip.us/s4/Your site name here

Or may be, https://fitip.us/s4/Suzies-Botique

Or even

Be creative

Well, I think you get the idea!?

This plan has plugins, Themes, already installed you can activate the ones you like!

Also included are Downloads. You can use & sell some if you like. Things like Software, Scripts, Articles, ebooks, & more!

We are not a big conglomerate, I will & can assist you as you need - if you need any help.

Your site will be (Whoo)eCommerce enabled just add your infos and you're ready to sell!

I have linked a picture of the Dashboard this plan has to see it Click HERE then click back to this page here.

All in all, I believe this a great way to get your site online and secure it for only $ 15.00 a month! can't be beaten! Other sites will give you a price lower BUT that's only if you pay a whole year in advance and then at the end of that year, the price goes up.

I won't do that to you, If you purchase a whole year from me @ ($120 a yr.) you'll save $60.00 dollars for that year! and the price won't go up the next year.

I hope you see the value I am offering you here!

An eCommerce-enabled website with all the bells and whistles for a really good price.

Click here to get your Site going!

Hope you enjoy the sites here, as we grow!

Sincerely Faith McNulty.

Social Site Owner

This is an exciting plan!

Your own Social Membership site!

You could be the next (FB, YT, or ??) All the scripts are installed you just activate them with one click & you're ready to go!

The membership is yours to market to and or sell to! your built-in audience!

This plan also includes Downloads of various Softwares, Scripts, Articles, ebooks, MMR, PLR, and more!

Here is a screenshot of the Dashboard. This is mine Yours will Look similar Click Here to see it & then click back in your browser to here.

I use, WordPress, & BuddyPress, & bbpress to accomplish all this for you.

There is a lot of documentation online about BuddyPress so I will just link it here for you if you do not understand what "BuddyPress" is. Click here to read & watch a video about it, then click the back button in your browser to come back here.

Your Social Membership site can be whatever you want! no hard rules except No Pornographic content or links, and generally be nice, no hate no spamming.

You set the price if any, and the general scope of your site. Maybe your membership site can be about marketing, or other Comen interests it's all up to you!

This plan Does need a Domain Name to run, and I know the best-priced ones check them out here but be sure Not to get whatever it is they're offering as hosting, It may sound great but mine here is better!

If you already have your Domain Name you are all set!

To choose this plan click here.

Wishing you all the best, Faith McNulty

Hub Network of sites

Your Own Hub-Network of websites and Social Sites all under your own domain! Yes with this plan you will need your Own Domain Name!  If you do not have one   click here   there the best price I have found.

The sky is the limit on this plan and all for only
$35.00 a month.
Unlimited and plenty of bandwidth & space for your WebSites and Social Sites,
all ready to go With Woo-commerce & themes ready to go!
The Image below is mine, Yours will Look very similar.


Also, this plan gets Downloads every month.
Like; Software, Scripts, some with Master Resell Rights & Privet Lable Rights! Great for your members! as your supplies - products for them!

All the necessary Scripts are already installed and ready to activate just by picking what you want and clicking activate in your dashboard.
It can not get much easier than this!

To pick this plan just   click here

Wishing you All the best Faith McNulty

Full Domain Setup

The Full Shebang!!
Complete “Domain setup
Domain Name (*needed ?)
Hosting with Full control
cPanel, cgi-bin, SSL, ftp, mail, scripts installer the works!
Everything I have here for yourself!
eCommerce ready to go !+ You Get  free
Downloads every month of free ebooks, software,
Articles & more! PLR, MRR rights on most of them.
All for only $45.00 a month!

Or save $60.00 & get
the Hole Year Plan for only $480.00 &
you’re covered for the whole year!

I have images linked Below of the cPanel ImagesLinked here, your Domain will have the same or more & I have added Downloads for you every month.

You get the picture. :?)

To pick this plan click here

Advertising & Marketing Plan

Ok so this is different from the "Site" plans and can be opted into, separate from the site plans.

I will sell advertising space to the members and they can post Ads in several areas around the whole site! All site plans have the option to be A&M members and Market to the others of the various sites and Hubs that opt-in to be A&M members!

It may not seem like much but, when you consider the Sites and the Hub-Networks and the Social Sites that will be ever-growing here, well let's just say you will get a Big Bang for your buck!
and it will be first in first-served.

I will sell By the number of days. For example 10 days for $10.00 excetra and so-on not by the hour, and no per-click charges. I have always found that arrangement unfair, to the potential customer, and to the Ad purchaser.
Maybe not unfair more like unhelpful to the potential customer because They may see your ad and have to come back later and can't find your ad! It's gone.
The purchaser of an Ad usually has no control of when their Ad will show I mean 3:00 in the morning might be when your ad appears, not good. But if it is there for days it is better for all concerned.

The minimum is 10 days ( is $10.00) but there is no maximum, except (the life of the site I guess)

Get a little at a time or go all in it's always up to you! No contracts no bugging you to upgrade just notice when your ad is about to expire, so you can renew and save your spots.

I hope your marketing is going well and I believe this plan can and will help.

Wishing you the best Faith McNulty.

To become an A&M member go here then buy days.

with no money out of pocket!

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FREE video explains HOW TO do this, Step By Step all-inclusive a real fast learn.

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